Plant Band Photo Galleries

A collection of photos taken throughout the year. Most of which were "borrowed" from the FaceBook Group page.

Fun Photos

Just a few images of the band having fun, which is what we are all about.

Preparations and Rehearsals

A few shots of the band getting ready before games, rehearsals, etc.


Of few of the many awards our kids have received throughout the year.

Bleachers and Fields

Shots of the band on the field and in the stands.


We take photos of nearly all events regardless of the occasion.

On the Road Again

Traveling to and from gigs, events, games is always worth a few photos.

Parents / Boosters

A little love for our much appreciated parents and boosters.

Holiday Themes

The kids are always more than willing to don festive attire to match the season.

2018 Solo and Ensemble

The title speaks for itself. Some great performances which resulted in Excellent and Superior grades all around.

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brian Dell, Band Director, Plant High School
Brian Dell, Band Director

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