Plant Band Photo Galleries

A collection of photos taken throughout the year. Most of which were “borrowed” from the FaceBook Group page.

Fun Photos

Just a few images of the band having fun, which is what we are all about.

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Preparations and Rehearsals

A few shots of the band getting ready before games, rehearsals, etc.

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Of few of the many awards our kids have received throughout the year.

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Bleachers and Fields

Shots of the band on the field and in the stands.

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We take photos of nearly all events regardless of the occasion.

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On the Road Again

Traveling to and from gigs, events, games is always worth a few photos.

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Parents / Boosters

A little love for our much appreciated parents and boosters.

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Holiday Themes

The kids are always more than willing to don festive attire to match the season.

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2018 Solo and Ensemble

The title speaks for itself. Some great performances which resulted in Excellent and Superior grades all around.

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