Plant Band Continues Fine Tuning "Toxic" Half-Time Performance

Home Coming Game a Success All Around

It was a beautiful, fall evening at Plant High School tonight. Perfect weather for a football game. Or should we say, a shellacking!

The team started a bit slow scoring only 9 points in the first quarter. But as the game progressed, that would be all they needed. They tallied another 28 points in the second quarter alone, while the Freedom Patriots could only manage six points by half-time. And that didn’t happen until the second quarter. After an impressive, though truncated half-time show (more on this in a moment), the Panthers would up the ante by scoring another 14 points in the third quarter and an additional seven points in the fourth. Bringing the final score to a lopsided 58-6. A shellacking, indeed!

Plant Band Continues Fine Tuning “Toxic” Half-Time Performance

Tonight at half-time, the crowd, and all who attended, were first treated to the presentation of the Home Coming Court for this year’s Home Coming Dance. There were a lot of smiling faces and very proud parents as they were announced over the p.a. system and all took their positions on the field for photographs. Congrats to the Court, and best wishes on your collegiate endeavors.

Once the presentation of the Home Coming Court was completed, it was time for the band to continue polishing their half-time performance of Toxic.

Both of this author’s Daughters are in the band and they have been sharing nothing but excitement and enthusiasm about this new performance since Mr. Dell first introduced it. Tonight I got my first glimpse of the routine. I now share my Daughters’ enthusiasm. Especially when considering that this is the performance they will be taking into competition!

There seems to be a lot more choreography involved in this show. So much more involvement with movement on all who are part of it. Legs, feet, heads, knees, etc. They are not simply marching in place or moving to their next position on the field, walking backward or sideways. They really seemed to be dancing out there. It was a pleasure to see and hear as it all starts to come together.

But we were only shown the second half of the new presentation. The first part had to be omitted due to the presentation of Home Coming Court as time would not allow the complete show.

I missed the first few games of the season due to work commitments so I have not had the pleasure of seeing the first part. But I can assure this Dad will be there the rest of the year to see the entire show and watch these talented kids take it to the next level!

EDIT: 1:15am – I just found the video for the entire performance on the band’s FaceBook page. Have a look.

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