PHS Band Rehearsals in Full Color

Contributed by, Jaye Scoggins.

Walking towards the stadium for the first time this season it was hard to believe there are only two weeks until the first game. I came down to the school, like many other band parents, to enjoy the Parent Preview of this year’s show. I passed a group of students talking and laughing while surrounding the Kona Ice truck in a bid to be the next one for a well-deserved refreshing treat. As I got closer to the stands I could easily hear Mr. Dell over the speaker and I could see students in blue and students in purple rehearsing their steps. I was searching the field for my child and realized all I needed to do was look for the cluster of pink. There she was, in the stands, enjoying her own Kona Ice, sitting in the midst of her fellow trumpeters, all in pink. The color coordinating helps the section leaders quickly and easily locate their team. The colors are also used in other areas such as the uniform room to help keep the uniforms organized by section which allows for less chaos on game days. Whether the kids realize it or not, the colors also help foster a sense of community and pride (Go Pink!). After saying hello to my daughter I took my seat and waited for her and her troupe to take their places.

I always love watching the choreography of the show and how precise and sharp everything looks on game day or at competitions so I wasn’t sure what to expect during a rehearsal. I was not disappointed. In the span of two weeks, these amazing students have learned so much! They spent these last two weeks learning the music and spending what I’m sure felt like endless hours out in the hot sun rehearsing the drill. I had to leave before the entire band was on the field and even before I got to hear a single note played, but there is no doubt in my mind that all of their hard work is going to pay off in a big way! I’m looking forward to August 24th. Here’s to another great year and a magnificent new show!

Not Pictured: Percussion & Front Ensemble (orange), Drum Majors (white)

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brian Dell, Band Director, Plant High School
Brian Dell, Band Director

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